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Add Article Error

The program only subscribes to article adding sites and does not upload post.

Only membership to sites is opened.

Active is selected in the Status section + I need help to add a post.


  • SvenSven
    Sorry I don't understand!?
  • the article is not being added. only register opens. No add Post :S Statüs Active Help
  • SvenSven
    Indeed that can happen for engines such as wordpress/drupal where login/registration is easy but when logging in, there is no opportunity to place links. This can only be seen when being logged in.
  • Sock valid name, no record of requested type error

    Add Post Error:

    Success:1500 Add Post: 0

  • This can only be seen when being logged in.

    How can I sign in?

    Topluluk Tarafndan Doruland simgesi
  • just opens members add article does not work help

    Topluluk Tarafndan Doruland simgesi
  • SvenSven
    Well GSA Search Engine Ranker obviously tries to sign in and will see it's not working and later remove the link again from your "submitted" list.
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