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GSA laggs my computer out to much - whats the cheapest trustworthy VPS to use etc...

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The GSA is killing my internet speed on my laptop, why does it make my laptop lagg so much any ideas? 

I mean, should it be making my internet and laptop so slow?  I guess now I need a good trustworthy VPS service, something not to pricey if possible. I'll only be using the GSA on it while running 3-5 projects at once.

My friend suggested: which is about $50 a month to use, anyone using them at all? 

Any suggestions would be great, I know there are MILLIONS however I need something I can trust/afford/fair prices etc....


  • For a cheap option I would go with You can grab a fairly reliable VPS for about $20. If you want something a bit more powerful (and recommended) then I would go with Get the extreme for $57.00 per month.
  • Thanks for that I appreciate it, will see what others suggest also.
  • Anyone else have suggestions for VPS services please..
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    Velocity, I tried to speak with the> their attitude STINKS! they made me wait 5 mins after responding to me, then I had some mouthy support guy talking to me like I was a 5y
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    To be honest I have never tried to speak to them. I just signed up, received my details and everything worked fine. I am now in my second month and have had no problems.

    I think you can have problems at any VPS provider (if you think we what are doing with our software! Spamming etc!).

    Another option is I know their representative posts on this forum and others and is normally helpful if you have troubles.
  • trustvm was down all day today.
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    If you want cheap just go with bermannhosting. I've been with them for 6 months on their cheapest VPS ( think it's something like $10 a month? ). They are fine with you running spam tools on it like GSA and scrapebox, and even if you forget to use proxies and get your IP blacklisted they will get you a new ip for free. Some people say their support sucks, but I never had a problem with them, always responded within 24 hours.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I have 3 VPS's with Hostamus.  He has a sales thread at BHW for a discount.  I love the service, servers never go down and it's very fast.  I do about 250 GB per day without any trouble.
  • Thanks for all the helpful advice guys. :)
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