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The Best Email SWIPE Writing Solution

I am new to GSA Contact, but I am sure that every marketer should have such a tool.
But if everyone has it, then there will be a lot of competition  :)

But that's not what I mean...

Can you tell me please, what is the best way to generate sales text on emails?

1) Do you send an offer right away or do you first get the person on the other side of the screen interested and ask him to contact you, and then offer your services or a product?

2) This sounds ridiculous... But nevertheless I have a hope that someone will write his example of such text letters.
I want something to rely on in order to compose my sales text or order it ...

Maybe someone knows a good guy at Fiverr for example?

Thank you very much for your attention. I think this topic will be of interest to many. 

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