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**Ask Me Bot - Need SER to Choose Different Captcha Options**

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests

One of the problems with trying to use AskMeBot on SER is that you can only bundle it in - at the project level - with "Ask All Services To Fill Captcha" (CB/PaidCaptcha/AskMeBot).

So if you have a paid captcha service for special projects, it has to be listed in the main options.

And that means if you want to use AskMeBot, you have to select "Ask All Services To Fill Captcha" - you are then forced to use paid captcha. That just doesn't work - we'll all go broke.

**We need one more option at the project level to use 1st Captcha Service/AskMeBot ** Then that solves everything.  


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    looking on my counter, there are 2877 textcaptchas sent to askmebot and i have only one project where "Ask All Services To Fill Captcha" is set. if SER would send captchas to askmebot only on this one project (10 submissions/day), I don't think that the number would be so high.
  • +1 what @ron said.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Why bother

    Unlike other paid captcha services which add lag, AskMeBot does not cause any submission lag

    More bloat imo

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    for me it's working even if i choose "ask 1st service to fill captchas", SER is sending the textcaptchas to askmebot anyway( at least the counter is counting something ;-) ). that was what I meant.
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