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How to start sending email ? which button I should click ?

Hi, already has 3 email for testing. But it seem the automailer not send any emails after 10 minutes or so. How to tell the software to start send the emails ?



  • SvenSven
    Having the "Automailer enabled" checkbox checked will do the job. However, if you have sent to these emails before, it will not allow any more sending (to avoid spam complains). You can manually remove emails from that in options->behaviour.
    The background color tells you the status as seen on the labels.
    Also make sure the email is setup corectly in options and send a test email.
  • I see, thanks it work. I need to remove the already sent email once.
  • Hey Sven can you contact me my version on Gmail Spider is not working - I have started using it again and after a run it returns nothing? 
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