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with autorization + Insert Spin Syntax

When I turn on - with autorization Webserver
It doesn't work in the project - Insert Spin Syntax - GSA Content Generator via Webserver How to register a login and password that would work?


  • SvenSven
    Thats something I need to fix. Though, why would you want to use that spinner over Webserver when you can use it directly with the "Use internal Spinner" checkbox?
  • fix it please!
    I submit projects via post requests. And it turns out that processing in the html file does not work. When I remove the password, it works.
    Otherwise, I don’t know how to do the processing. It doesn’t work.
  • Use internal Spinner - but I understood everything))) I did not know that this is possible. I'm going to try now. Thank!
  • Working. Thank!
    well, I think it will not hurt to do it too)))
    Take this opportunity to. How can I connect my spinner. When I have words of this type {word | word1 | word2 | word3}
    Thanks again!
  • SvenSven
    next update will allow the usage of /spin via webserver without authorization
  • creckcreck Ukraine
    Thanks you
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