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edited February 2021 in GSA Keyword Research
Hi @Sven,

In "edit filters" I can no longer find the option to check for only display Ngrams (Ngram-Keywords), what is the name of the checkbox? (not easy to find +2200). I would like to load only this for each new search.


  • SvenSven
    You have to uncheck all ranking factors in "Edit Filter" + Uncheck all the internal factors like "Perform *". Then it should skip almost everything but ngrams.
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  • KaineKaine
    edited February 2021
    Thank you @Sven
    - You have to uncheck all ranking factors in "Edit Filter" : Done
    - Uncheck all the internal factors like "Perform *" : How can I uncheck other boxes if they are all already unchecked? (I don't see a "perform" too).

    It's too complicated, too long, I've been needing it for a few days. For me this is the most important option it should be separated.

    In reality we should select what we want BEFORE launching the matrix so as not to search for all the other options that do not interest us.
    Now that is full of options, it will be more difficult to make it ergonomic.

  • SvenSven
    if you click options, you see all the "Perform xyz test" entries. Unchecking them + a refresh would give you what you need. the settings are saved for next run.
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  • KaineKaine
    Perform Ngram analysis must be checked ?
  • SvenSven
    yes of course
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