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Anchor Text % for Tiers

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What do you all find works best for tier 1-3 anchor text settings, like the % break down for anchor text/domain anchor text/generic anchor text ect.? 



  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited March 2013
    funnily enough my best rankings were from where I had started out with GSA as a newb and set the generic/domain text to 10% each, so 80% was the anchor i wanted. I think in hindsight this was too risky on tier 1 but haven't ranked so well since I changed them to 30% each... but i'm too scared in case google notices :)

    Now I am using tier 1 65% are my anchors, tier 2 33% and tier 3 10%.

  • @spunko2010: find out similar with me! but i fear like a half year ago with this shit penguin, that most of my sites will get penalized...
    but momently i think too, that i am a little bit too defensive whats depending anchor ratio!
    so like told you in the other threat, will try it out!

    have read from cash202 from bhw that he uses only brand and domain anchor links to 80 % and the rest main key as anchor;
    other suggest the perfect ratio like mentioned in the FAQ
    other like me a searching everytime for the right ratio of anchor text diversification, but wont get much wiser! ;_)
    others have linked only with generic anchors in keyword-surrounded kontexts..
    all in all, i think that the anchor text ratio is important, when it comes to "keyword pushing" in the serps, and thats mainly the part in SEO,

    so, letz try, and make a few tests..

    other opinion from @ron or @LeeG ; what is your optimal ratio of anchor texts?
  • ronron

    Let's say you have 10 anchors. The most % you are going to have for any one anchor is 10%, right?

    Now you change generic from 0% to 20%. Now the most any one anchor is going to have is 8%, right?

    Now you change URL from 0% to 10%. Now the most any anchor will have is 7%, right?

    If you are going to get screwed for a specific anchor being at 7%, then we are all f****d. :)

    My point is you need to be specific. Saying my anchor is 80% means nothing. Saying I have 10 anchors at 80% means each one is at 8% - now you are being specific.

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