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Is there anyone who uses catchall email in Rankerx?

I am using Seremails. The quality is really good and simple, but they don't answer even if you ask questions.
I sent you an e-mail for a month, but they didn't answer. I'm so Fuxx angry.
So I'm going back to Gsa Forum and asking you questions. The Rankerx format is shown in the picture below.

And the seremails catchall format I use is as follows. This is an example.
seremails have only format for GSA ser

this Gsa ser format ->

I've been using regular e-mail for a month. Please help me


  • SvenSven
    The macros used for SER will most likely not work for RankerX. So you need to exchange the macros with spin syntax such as:

  • Not sure if this will help you but I use a software to create emails and I use the following format to make it compatible with rankerx:


    Then I just import the list in bulk into rankerx. So you just need to translate the seremail catchall email into the above format, and import the email into rankerx.

  • edited February 2021
    i don't think rankerx accepts spin format for email name . email can be created from catchall email like this and individually added

    above 2 can be added in rankerx if was a catchall domain.
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    im brand new to rankex, just started my first project actually. im getting successful tests in the dashboard email section when i add my catchalls according to this, which says spintax is fine

    I just took a ton of random names numbers and letters in spintax to put before the @ of the catchall email
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