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99.9% CPU and High memory

Hello guys! today I just saw that my VPS shows this title data: CPU 99.9% and memory High

Why is this being generated?

Previously everything was perfect! I had all GSA INDEX, 5 campaigns, GSA CB and everything is fine until today. Suddenly it started to generate a high CPU.


  • Update! 

    I am trying to solve the problem and I just activated only one campaign and I already have 99% CPU.

    I am waiting a few minutes to restore/normalize the GSA SER but it still has a high cpu
  • SvenSven
    edited February 2021
    Hard to say what it might be. In such a situation, try to hit HELP->Create bugreport with a reference to this threat.
  • Ready Sven, I just sent the report.
  • PS: my server says that everything is correct for the VPS, no problem.

    High CPU consumption started about 2 days ago.
  • SvenSven
    nothing arrived so far!?
  • now arrived?
  • edited February 2021

  • SvenSven
    got that one, but can't spot any issue really. The only thing I found is fixed in next update but it should not cause this big load. Whats your PR settings? Can you shot that?
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