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GSA Captcha Breaker result disappointed or am I doing wrong


I am start test GSA CB at 4 days ago, see if result is good will pay for a license, but please see attached picture, only 3xx captchas are broke, any many submission failed.

How I can set a campaign to test GSA CB real power ?


  • SvenSven
    According to that image, it's an expired demo version (disabled captcha listing) and it if obvious that it is no longer solving anything.
  • SvenSven
    fixed in current update
  • I bought license and updated, here is the result of 7 hours (see capture)

    44%, is this normal, can improve ?

    If I buy one more Captcha service, how to set up can obtain best result ?

  • SvenSven
    depends on the captchas sent. A bit low but keep in mind that captchas such as recaptcha is not solved and many are skipped due to low success rate per settings.
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