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Separate nGram from Keyword Full Analysis

Is there any way to separate nGram analysis from full analysis or omit this? It seems it takes lots of time during my audit. If it's separate from the main audit or has the option to omit, that will be helpful.


  • KaineKaine
    edited January 2021
    Yes it is possible, on the other hand there are so many options that I can no longer find the only one who must remain to check.
  • SvenSven
    Discovering the ngram data is not taking much time at all, leaving that in is not waiting much resources.
  • KaineKaine
    I think he only wants to activate the Ngram.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    Actually, it is too much to check. For me, if it is possible to disallow or make a separate section to analysis is perfect. Backlink level analysis and content level analysis should be separated from each other. Lots of data and hard to concentrate
  • SvenSven
    you can always filter things out and uncheck certain section (select -> right click->filter...),
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    I don't think it's working. Do you have any screenshots for ngram filtering? For me, it's not working. I might be tried in the wrong section.

    Another Feature Request

    Last few days, I am bothering you so much with various features and other stuff. Actually, all the features I am asking to make these tools more user friendly.  ;) 

    I asked about the domain age filter from the competitor quick research section. And you already bring this filter.

    Nowadays, keyword research is something like data filtering. Good keyword research means how quickly I can collect the data and filter it according to my criteria. 

    For me, I follow something like
    1. At list 2-3 brand new domains in SERP. ( You already bring filtering system)
    2.Social platform or forum in SERP. ( You already added this filter)
    3. Root domain DR/TF/DA. ( Already have the data, but I have not seen anything related to the filter. If possible, bring it to this feature.
    4. Backlink Filter (Already have the data, but again I have not seen anything related to the filter. If possible, bring it to this feature.)

    Similarly, Social activity and other stuff like how this keyword in title and meta description and URL.

    You might be thinking all the data is in the tool.  Just click and check. When I research with many keywords like 10k or 20k,  one by one checking might be impossible. Better filtering means better research. 

    So if possible, then bring the filtering system every possible way.
  • SvenSven
    next update will allow you to turn ngram off completely in options.
    so basically you want all the url/domain filters applied to a keyword if one of the top results has it?
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    yes you are right 
  • SvenSven
    So using that in "Apply Filter" would be best I guess?
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    Yes, it would be more easier to filter
  • SvenSven
    latest update is out that allows you to filter even more data.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    Yes, I got it

    Check the screenshot:
    There is no export option. Not even it works for a clipboard. We work as an agency, and sometimes we need to send overall analysis data for clients.

    Also, could you please check ngram filter option. Here is the screenshot:
    It seems not to work. I tried few times to uncheck, but it's stuck.

    How the filter is worked, I am not sure. I tried and did not get any result. check my filter screenshot:

    Is this okay?
  • SvenSven
    export on quick view: why would you need some export on that? wouldn't it be better to export the full view and e.g. limit the output to certain sections?
    ngram filter: fixed in latest update
    -- : the domain age in month should be set to a range or use <36, im sure it will bring up results then, else it would require exactly 36 month.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    edited February 2021
    The full version has lots of data, and somehow it takes lots of time to finish the task. Currently uses 50 thread, but it still seems slow to me. And most of the clients are not so expert, and all the terms are not familiar to them. So quick version is perfect for me to show them.

    Another thing is about SEO Score? I know every tool uses its own secret formula, but I want to know the process. Which section are taken to calculate this score to determine keyword difficulty Score? Because today I analyze 100 keywords, and almost 90% keyword has an SEO score of 100 out of 100.  But, According to my manual research, it's not that easy. So if possible, please enlighten me about this matter.

    GSA keyword research tools closely related to

    According to many experts, kw finder is the best when we talk about difficulty score. All tools are used 3rd party data like GSA. A few years back, long tail pro also a desktop tool. So check the process. Actually, UX for GSA is more complicated than any other tool I  use.

    Rank Tracker is another desktop tool by link assistant that also comes with good UX. Make it easy to use as much as possible. The data the GSA keyword tool is providing is really cool. No other tools are not offering this much.
  • SvenSven
    export: I will add a csv export if you want.
    the score is build up from the keyword being present in different parts of the page.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    So we can say it basically checks the on page factor-like keyword present in the title, meta description, URL, and content body? Is It include anything related to backlink?
  • SvenSven
    no, as this is a offpage factor. It's all about OnPage and OnPage SEO.
  • SvenSven
    @slrana I can try improving the GUI, but to be honest, I find it difficult to simplify it without losing the opportunities it has now. I also don't find it hard to navigate, but of course thats the perspective of a coder.
    export was added for next update.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    I feel shame for myself because I request lots of things. Keyword research is my daily task. I did this thing almost 50-60 times a month for my client, and that is why I asked lots of things which you might even not think. I used nearly every keyword research tool in the market that currently exists. None of them offer content research. You offer some parts, though. That is why I try to use this tool as much as possible.

    You did all the things that keyword research tools should have. It would help if you had a minor adjustment—nothing else.

    For example, you gave a search option in competitor research full. here is the screenshot:

    But this little feature is also essential in the main keyword research section. You gave a filter option, but for quick search, this is sometimes an issue. Like I have a 2000 keyword, and I need to search for a specific term. I can use the filter section, but here, a quick search option is a mast required. 

    According to you, SEO Score is based on onpage like Keyword present on meta description, title, URL. Everyone knows google uses NLP to understand the search topic and website. So whatever the keywords present in the title or meta description, it is not until Google is satisfied with the content. Keyword present in title and meta description is a strong indication. Still, if you do research, again and again, you will saw without having the keyword in meta and title, lots of websites are ranked because of NLP analysis. For quick research, you gave an SEO score. Still, if I do a full competitor audit, this score should be changed according to analysis because you include ngram to analyze the competitor content. Also, we use API from domcop or SEOrank, but I have not seen any impact on this data to calculate SEO Score. Also, SEOrank provides Ahref data, but quick research tab, I am not seen their data. 

    You can use three sections to calculate KD. For doing this, all the data is present here. You need to organize it.

    Content section, domain section, page section

    For the content section, To calculate Score, you can check
    1. Keyword present in URL
    2. Keyword In Meta description
    3. Keyword in TITLE
    4. Content length
    5. Keyword present in Main content(Exact)- Ngram can handle this
    6. Keyword single term present in content( single word)- Ngram can handle this

    Domain-Level Data
    1. Domain Age
    2. Domain Authority- DR/TF/CF
    3. Domain Traffic- Ahref/SEMrush
    4. Number of keyword ranking- Ahref/ SEmrush
    5. Backlink- Ahref/Moz/Semrush/Majestic

    Page Level Data
    1. Page Authority- UR/TF/PA
    2. Backlink-

    Or, in the full competition research section, you can add an SEO score after the full audit.

  • SvenSven
    Will need to go through this later this week. Im sorry, this is has to wait.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    Any Luck
  • SvenSven
    next update will offer you to search the list of keywords same as in the full-competitor-view.
    For the SEOScore calculation we might need come up with a better solution. I would like to keep it OnPage-SEO only as getting the other values like backlinks is not reliable even by using external APIs. Maybe we sould continue this discussion in private first.
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