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What Redirect Types (301,302,Meta,Refresh..) count as DoFollow?

To be more accurate, I would like to set the DoFollow Flag for the links that SER builds. In latest update (v15.04) it can also detect what type it is (301, 302, 307, META, Refresh, Java,...) but I have a real problem telling what will count as DoFollow.
The 301 Redirect is obviously a DoFollow link and I think the Refresh one should also considered to be one. But what about the Rest? Any input is welcome here.


  • Hello dear, my Opinion is, for Google none of these Redirect count as Backlinks, them Only redirecting the Backlinks(if on it was build some...), for Ahrefs it's a dofollow also a Java Redirect (But google Ignore Java Redirects) so I use Java Redirect if I want to mask the Links(worse than nofollow)... I have a theory to use Redirect as Tier 1, so it will not look to Spammy for one domain if you're getting too many Backlinks at same time 
  • SvenSven
    Thanks for your feedback.
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