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Test for verified list (site-list cleanup)

edited January 2021 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
@Sven Ce serait vraiment bien de pouvoir supprimer (avec un test automatique) tous les liens qui ne permettront pas à SER de publier directement en nettoyant la liste de liens vérifiés.
J'imagine que la seule option à définir est de choisir l'action à entreprendre lorsque le site est inaccessible.
Il est contraignant et chronophage de devoir le faire manuellement.


  • CynthiaSCynthiaS Planet Earth
    It will help us to save time during the long time! Good one one Kaine.
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  • KaineKaine
    edited January 2021
    I think too.
    What do you think @Sven? I see that you have to avoid answering my last two questions.
  • SvenSven
    I have it opened on my to-do list...but I still don't know what and how this could be implanted.
  • KaineKaine
    edited January 2021
    The best is surely the simplest
    If SER can go to the registration form for example, the url remains in the verified list (I'm talking about list sites).
    If the site cannot be loaded (Time out for example) the user chooses before the test if he wants to keep or remove them. Afraid to be that in this case the operation can be retried with a proxy?
    In the case where two different urls (or more) belonging to the same domain for example, maybe only one will still be valid, it is just necessary to foresee it and therefore not to carry out deletion of duplicate domains before the test.
    All this will really save us a lot of manipulation because after a while it becomes really painful, we have to exchange the sitelist files, provide proxies / email and projects just to keep it up to date.
    If I want to launch the app after a few months, I will just have to run the tests and I will be up to date.
  • SvenSven
    But the registration URL is resolved by executing the script for the engine. That would mean if you want to CleanUP the verified list, you partly have to execute the script and that takes a lot of time instead of relying on the later verification process or removing URLs from verified list if in failed list.
  • KaineKaine
    edited January 2021
    Yes it would be done once in a while. I might want to clean up my list without posting anything. I can clean the list without any project or proxy as well.
    In fact the problem lies here, if I want to clean the list now, I have to send a blast with the additional cost that this generates. You have to "pay" for cleaning or wait.
    Very sincerely I think that this option should have been present from the first version, a person who is new to SER should not fully understand how to get the same result and I am amazed that advanced users have never asked for it.
    But this makes the software less accessible and somewhere it is beneficial for them ... it will take for beginners to follow a tutorial to understand.
    Personally I dare not remove duplicate domains for fear of removing perhaps the only url of the domain that is still working if you know what I mean. The site list is constantly growing and takes more and more time to be used, otherwise you have to do all the cleaning operations very often (which would only take around one click per month with the solution I am submitting to you).
    It seems to me that I have already spoken to you about it but I have always taken sides to keep only the registration url. This would avoid many problems like deleted articles which can prevent access to the login page.
    It may be necessary to split the urls on the previous patch, try them over and over again to get there, you see it takes a long time to keep a clean site list.
  • SvenSven
    I know it's not the best solution but on a new run you could simply delete the verified site list and add all the verified urls from a project after reverification. That way you have all the working links in site list only.
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