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possible new Target URLs from

ViktVikt Ua
edited January 14 in Need Help
Please tell me how to disable this function


  • Exactly, in new versions, when loading addresses instead of dropping them, it increases
  • SvenSven
    what exactly does come after "possible new target urls from" ? You left out the most important part.
  • edited January 14
    This option seems to be used even though it is disabled

    I post a list of 200k addresses, and after a dozen or so minutes I have these addresses to redo 400k Cache cleared
  • ViktVikt Ua
    edited January 15
    [2021-01-15 13:38:30] ******.com: [+] 123/167 possible new Target URLs from Trackback - https://
  • ViktVikt Ua
    edited January 15

  • SvenSven
    latest update should fix this.
  • Now it works fine  :) 
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