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A Web Hosting Company That Does NOT Oversell Its Servers

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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Finally getting off of a nightmare host. :naughty:
It's wasted too many hours. I traced the time I spent dealing with this company in the last year, and it's a substantial amount of wasted days going in circles when I could have been out in the woods hiking or working or my SER backlinking  projects or new ideas.
Seriously, in 2020, I was sidetracked too many times and it ends now! Their customer service reps  know nothing about their own products and only try to upsell. I don't care so much  about having good customer service, if the server works there's no need for it! And,  I just want  speed, anyway.
Looking for a hosting company that doesn't overload their servers. Any suggestions?
This is for hosting money sites, so it has to be relatively fast.
Thanks, kindly.


  • CynthiaSCynthiaS Planet Earth
    Recently shifted to amazon hosting. Things are pretty much alright until this day.
  • have you tried ovh or there kimsufi if you can work your way with dedicated server
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