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Error Message?


I keep seeing this error in my submission reports: "captcha error: no_available_threads (Limit: 100)"

I'm just confused why I keep getting this report so much being that I have 100 threads max set both in the global settings and in the captcha settings itself (using if that makes any difference), so why is this error message reporting so frequently ?


  • SvenSven
    Can you show some more of your settings?
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    What settings do you need to see exactly? Under the Options/Misc I have checking/submissions set to 100. And in the project settings for that particular project, I have set for 100 in max threads/max simultaneous -- I also have it set to 2 on the "Retry to solve" line.
  • SvenSven
    no need to use retry on that service...set that to 0.
    Also I would not use 100 but a bit lower the number in case they can't act that fast to check. Use maybe 90 there.
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Ok will do. Also do you have any experience with that service? They also have package that can handle more threads. Should I can consider those or is 100 threads the optimal setup?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I don't use that service so I can't really say much about it. Maybe someone else can join in and review the service.
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