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Help with settings for Verified list please

I have in excess of 500k of verified sitelist_Blog Comment-General Blogs. With a lot of do-follows
I want to attempt to post a comment to all the do-follows, and I don't care about keyword matching etc. I'm doing some parasite linking. When I try to set it up, it goes through the list eventually but only posts to about 100. I just don't get it. In Scrapebox you can just import a list of good urls and an post to them. How do I do that with GSA ?


  • SvenSven
    make sure you post there with a different url, else it just refuses to post there as it sees the link already
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  • If that's a set of old links, most of them might be already dead.
  • Unre3alEy3Unre3alEy3 Inside your Brain!
    When it comes to verified lists freshness is a key factor
  • How do you set it to not use keywords ?
  • I don't really see a reason not to add keywords
  • I don't really see a reason not to add keywords

    Because I already have a list of websites using the keyword, I just simply want to send a new link and comment to them
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