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GSA CG + GSA Image Spider : Compatible ?


I'd have liked to suggest integrating more powerful features to the image scraping process, such as automatically applying filters to the images, re-sizing the images, deleting the exif datas, and other things of that sort.
The aim is to make the scraped image as different as possible from the source file.

However it seems that GSA Image Spider already do that all.

Hence, I'm considering buying it. Is it compatible with GSA CG ? If not, would it be possible to make it so that GSA CG can automatically launch GSA IS in order to do the image scraping part ?

I think it would be a great addition to the tool.

Thanks :)
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  • SvenSven
    The problem is, that the images that you manipulate within GSA Image Spider will be on your HD, I don't know how you would make use of them with GSA Content Generator.
  • KaineKaine
    edited January 6
    I would have added GSA Keyword Research as well :)
  • CarltonStuder65CarltonStuder65 East Los Angeles, California
    Kaine said:
    I would have added GSA Keyword Research as well :)
    This would be a great feature if added! 
  • Sven said:
    The problem is, that the images that you manipulate within GSA Image Spider will be on your HD, I don't know how you would make use of them with GSA Content Generator.
    Would it not be possible to store the images scraped from Image Spider in a temp folder ?

    So that whenever you launch a GSA CG project which need to scrap images, GSA IS launched in the background to manage the image scraping process, modify the images according to the user's setting, and store them somewhere in the HD, where GSA CG will pick them.

    Currently the only way to add images to the project is to enter URLs, we can't use images stored in a local folder. If it's not possible to integrate an automatic protocol with GSA IS, could it be possible to, at least, allow us to pick images from our computer to import them in the project (without having to host them in the first place) ?

    I'd like to have my images modified to some extent before using them in my articles, to leave as few footprints as possible (even if it's not 100% reliable).
    Currently it's not possible to alter their properties because they're taken from the sources online and used as is.
    That's why I'm interested in investing in GSA IS.
  • SvenSven
    Well of course I could do that all and it would be not much work. But then again, how useful are local images when you can not link them into the articles with a full URL. It wouldn't make much sense before you manually upload them and import the new URLs to the imagelist and make use of them when publishing or exporting articles that can be submitted.
  • MinidouMinidou France
    edited January 6
    Ok I get it, I didn't remember images were hotlinked, not stored on the website once the project was exported.
    Indeed it couldn't work that way.

    Then that's a new suggestion I'd like to formulate, in parallel : Once an image is scraped, having the possibility to either hotlink or download+host the image on the website, on export.
    If the images are exported + hosted on the website, they would have their own URL, which in turn could be used in the project instead of the original URLs.
    Is it feasible, in your view ?

    That would make the previous suggestions doable.
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  • hey sven,

    sorry to bury this post but i was looking for a similar solution
    i have a folder full of images that i'd want included in my articles, but they are not hosted
    and since they are not hosted, i don't have urls of course

    is it technically possible to have gsa cg use images stored in a folder and export them to the website we want to export our articles to?

    for example by creating a media folder on the website during the export process, or using the already existing media library from cms such as wordpress?

    if it's possible, could this be a feature you could work on?

  • SvenSven
    then you can as well upload your images manually directly from where you add the URLs to the project and the creating or publishing will pick randomly a matching one.
    There are also plugins for wordpress that will take remote images and add them to your media library automatically.
  • hey sven,

    yes that's something that could be done indeed, that is actually what i'm doing every time i need to, but it's a tedious task and i was proposing this because if it could have been automatized with gsa cg, it would have been a great addition to the tool

    having to upload all the images on every sites, every times, is not a value-added task and i'm looking for a way to do that automatically, but instead of looking for a third party tool i thought it would have been much simplier to ask you first

    of course if it's not possible, it's ok!

    thanks anyway, have a good day
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