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Post foreign content on english only sites

Steffkap24Steffkap24 The Netherlands
Hi everyone!

Nice to join this forum, really insightful right away. I do have a question before buying multiple modules of GSA.

I work with websites that are in the language Dutch. So the anchor texts will be in Dutch as well. I think the content in which these links will be placed, should be in Dutch as well. 

My question is: Is it a bad idea to post foreign (Dutch) content on English (only) sites?

Really looking forward to your responses!




  • It depends on the website that you are posting. IMO most English only sites won't like the idea of allowing foreign language posts so there will be a higher probability of your posts getting removed. It won't be an issue if the website allows foreign language posts. However, gsa tools come with userfriendly filters that allows the user to filter things out accordingly which will allow you to reach what you want.
  • Steffkap24Steffkap24 The Netherlands
    Thank you for your response. Okay, so selecting websites only in certain languages for example?

    And maybe content with only the brand name can be done at English (only) websites comes to my mind now.
  • Yes you have the complete freedom to filter out the languages you need.

    May be you can write a few English articles and give them a try. We will never know where the sweet spot is when it comes to gsa tools  ;)
  • Steffkap24Steffkap24 The Netherlands
    Really curious what kind of filters you mean  :) ?
  • When it comes to targets to post, you can make sure only to any specific language websites. It would be English in your set up. Adding content comes from us and obviously in your case, you will be providing Dutch content. Hope you got the idea.
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  • Steffkap24Steffkap24 The Netherlands
    Okay, I will dive into it. Thanks! 
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