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duplicate entries


I noticed that as you can see here: 

I got some duplicates entries and it seems because I added a filter (which one -- I don't know) however when I search in the manual about the filters I can see that:

But I can't really see what is the option generating this behavior (the duplicates from the same URL/URI)

Could you please tell me how I can avoid having those duplicates?

Thank you,



  • SvenSven
    show a screenshot of your duplicates please.
  • You can see the screenshots on my first message but for some reason on my mobile device they don't shows up however on my desktop I can see them maybe you got the same problem?!

    In case of this is the direct link: 
  • SvenSven
    you see that the entries are filtered due to the fact that on the URL it has an external contact form.
  • Indeed but what I the option I should enable/disable to avoid this behavior and to remove all those duplicates?
  • SvenSven
    upload a project backup please to review it.
  • Sven, I sent you a private message containing the backup file of my project...
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