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The threads are strange after this update

johnparkjohnpark Australia
edited December 2020 in Need Help
분명히 스레드를 100으로 고정했지만 70,60으로 떨어지고 유지됩니다.
패치 전에는 괜찮 았는데 왜 갑자기 이런 일이 일어 났습니까?


"대상 URL 삭제 기록을 사용하여 원래 스레드로

"대상 URL 기록 삭제"이게 어떤 기능인지 물어봐도 될까요?

위의 기능을 사용하면 즉시 원래 스레드로 돌아

갑니다 . 하지만 시간이 지남에 따라 스레드가 떨어집니다.
해결책을 줘.


  • SvenSven
    Obviously I set the thread to 100, but it drops to 70 or 60 and stays. It was fine before the patch, why did this suddenly happen?
    SER might not have enough targets to keep posting. I don't think that the changes I mad had any influence as such really. All I did was bug fixing and improvements, no heavy changes. Please try to use the previous build linked to the start menu and verify if it really has this behavior in the new build only.
    To the original thread using the destination URL deletion May I ask you what "delete target URL history" does? Using the above function you will immediately return to the original thread going . But over time the threads drop. Give me a solution.
    The "Delete Target URL History" will make sure that SER will try to post to all previously failed submissions and not skip them because it tried to do that before.

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