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GSA Keyword reserch for content weiters

edited December 2020 in GSA Keyword Research
We use actually Surferseo and pageoptimizerpro for content creation.

GSA Keyword research has all this cool functions and many more to write the best contant that can rank in top10.

what is the best way to sent to wirters Keyword variations, LSI and Word Count from google top10 results.

This is the most needed function from pop to write content that ranks fast in top10:

and this is the content editor to show keyword variations and LSI, so that the content writers can fast integrate the most needed keywords:

Is there a way to export a report only for content writers?
Or with direct export to a google doc file that the writers can start with?


  • SvenSven
    hmm what data in our tool do you need to get exported?
  • @Sven: Content writers need very easy to understand datas from the G Top10 competitor results:

    Importent Terms to use
    1. Keywords for tilte
    2. Keywords for SubHeadings

    Other relevant terms
    3. Main Keywords (LSI)
    4. Questions
    5. Related Keywords
    6. Competitors Titles

    Page structure (only for info that the writers dont forget this)
    7. Bold words
    8. Italic words
    9. Images
    10. Headings
    11. parapraph

    The best top10 results you get with pop from kyle
    here is one example live:

    Easyier to use for writeres is surferseo (you get good search results but not so perfect like pop), because they only have 1. Importent to use 2. Other relevant 3. Questions 4. Titles 

    - google docs
    - export automaticly after session is run into google docs folder... (like your auto export from GSA content generator)
    - export to wordpress
  • SvenSven
    OK, so a module especially done to write articles is wanted right?
    There is a basic one for it in GSA Content Generator.
  • yes, this is a module only to write content. yes CG looks like this.

    but we need it in google docs or wordpress, because some writers has mac or pads...
    so we share a link to write the content with the instruction in the link...

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