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URL Shorteners to Recycle links

In cost-savings alone, you win by having more stable T1s.  All those links built at T1 that get removed cost the entire link pyramid behind them to the end of the line (T7 for some ppl?!?! T99? haha), processor time, captchas, proxy traffic etc...
I wanted at one point to make my own URL shortener, and was even directed on the GSA board to the right place to find code in PHP that *already* does this!...tho I never started doing this. It would save costs to link  T1 backlinks that *aren't* accounts on your own PBN. Even legit directories sometimes change how they show pages, and many times do not 301 properly. I guess some existing link shorterers are "forever?" Anyone know?

Could a T2 URL shortener be used to move a link pyramid from one place to another if a T1 (not on your own PBN) gets removed?  If you are the one running the URL shortener, you can periodically test all the pages that had been created on there, by SER, or otherwise. Less energy and time and cost to be able to recycle link pyramids!!
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