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Should I keep running my old projects as Active, Or just Verify

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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Greetings, friends.
Wondering if I should keep running some of my oldest set of GSA projects as active...and not just set to Verify only...
I mean those oldest projects where I just link to my money site directly with SER.
I don't think I need to stop running old projects where SER creates links at T2 T3 .. .. just those pointing RIGHT at the  money site.
...and JUST those projects, of course, that I have newer replacements for with my own T1s, either on PBNs, a few legit listings, and various social media and other content platforms, and hopefully some authority links.
Is it ever OK to link directly to a money site with SER?
I have Asia Virtual Solutions active, blog comment, directory, forum, guestbook,Image COntent, Microblog, Pingback, Referrer, RSS, Social Bookmarks, Trackbacks, Web 2.0, Wiki running.
I also have a separate set of older projects that post to anything that will accept an article pointing at the money site. The articles are OK. Spun, hand-written, reviewed spintax for accuracy. On those I have Asia Virtual Solutions (projects to MS that use articles), articles, blog comments, pingbacks,referrers, social bookmarks, social networks, and wikis that use articles when posting.
This is how I chose to set up older projects. Are *either* the first set of projects, or the second that use articles,  appropriate as a T1 pointing at  a money site? And if not, what SHOULD I be using SER-generated backlinks? I'm *SURE* some will suggest SEREngines. I've haven't used SEREngines since the last version, so if someone could explain I would very much appreciate it. Trying to do SEO right, finally. No more continuing poor practices that are just from a time I didn't know better.
Should I *NOT* have been doing this? Is it considered "spam practices" by Google? At some point, I came to to understand that T1s should be stable and basically be legit. Is it OK?


  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Most important thing to continuously check with old projects are:

    • Are the email account still working. Triple test them maybe every 2 weeks - I say triple test because it might show failed when it was maybe a connection that was dropped, so re test all the failed ones, at least 3 times --- and then delete the old dead emails and import new emails.
    •  Are the tier's above verified links still verified - u could be wasting allot of time to dead verified links ---- I every month stop ALL my projects, highlight all projects \ right click \ show verified URLs, and then test them all - this might take some time if you have allot of urls, but it is worth it - it takes me a few days. Once it is done, remove all dead and time out links, and save, You will be surprised how many dead verified links you have .
    •   Add some new content to old projects, you can easily import syntax content into article manager.
    • Check if there are any new platforms that were added and then enable them for old projects, you might have to full in some fields , but for that just use  short-codes, such as the below, i use  %name%  and %random_anchor_text%  allot  
    <span>%NAME% - will be replaced with
    the a random users name<br>
    %EMAIL% - will be replaced with the a random email (auto generated)<br>
    %WEBSITE% - will be replaced with the users website url<br>
    %BLOGURL% - will be replaced with the target url you are about to submit to<br>
    %BLOGTITLE% - will be replaced with the page title of the target site<br>
    %keyword% - uses random keyword from project settings<br>
    %spinfile-% - takes a random line in that file<br>
    %source_url% - referrer page<br>
    %targeturl% - same as %blogurl%<br>
    %targethost% - just the&nbsp;</span><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><span>&nbsp;without a path<br>
    %random_email% - same as %email%<br>
    %random-[min]-[max]% - a random number between min and max<br>
    %spinfolder-% - takes content of a random file in that folder<br>
    %file-<[ile]% - takes content of that file<br>
    %url_domain% - just the domain name of your url<br>
    %url% - your url<br>
    %?????% anything from the project input boxes e.g. %anchor_text% or
    or %description_250% ...<br>
    special variables for blogs:<br>
    %meta_keyword% - takes a keyword from target meta tags<br>
    %blog_title% - same as %blogtitle%<br>
    special variables for image commenting:<br>
    %image_title% - the name of the image you comment on (sometimes it is sadly the
    filename only as some webmasters don't set a title)<br>
    %random_url% - inserts another URL from your project<br>
     and - inserts another random anchor text.<br>
    %random_sanchor_text% - inserts another random secondary anchor text<br>
    %url1%, %url2% ... - inserts the exact URL from your project.</span>

    • When adding new projects, there is no harm in using existing verified links from old project, the option is just below the URL field.
    • When adding new projects, it is good idea to import target URLs and accounts from existing  \ old projects -- it will save on filling captchas again.  follow this post to learn how.

    Please dont write such long post to ask questions - old people like me dont like to read so much, so i most probably missed half what u asked, sorry
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    "Please dont write such long post to ask questions - old people like me dont like to read so much, so i most probably missed half what u asked, sorry "

    So sorry. I took out the last part and made it a new post. I know it's still a bit long. I'll try to be more direct in future. :)

    I appreciate the help, but I still wonder: Should I keep my SER projects pointing directly at the money site or just use SER for higher-numbered tiers?
  • It depends what's your goal and ranking strategy. If SER no longer works directly on your money site you can still use it to dilute your anchor text ratio, throw useless links to your site so newbies think they can rank in your niche, you can do manual blog commenting while SER doing the searching bit...
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Thanks, kindly, for your input! *IF* these direct links aren't helping, there are other good reasons to keep posting them with SER, apparently. I don't know for sure they're not helping, tbh. Just wondering...
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