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How to avoid creating repeated links on the same site?

Hello guys! In a new campaign with the help of a premium list, I am getting repeated links, for example now GSA SER has just created 3 links from the same country and from the same site, on the wordpress articles platform.

- The links were created at different times.
However, they are the same links because they are on the same website.
- The content is different.
- The links / anchors are different.

Could you help me see if something in the configuration generates this problem.


  • PD: What happens if I make changes to a project, for example edit some options in article manager, without pausing the campaign?
  • SvenSven
    A change on the settings is detected by a running project and settings are reloaded.
    However, the posted articles might all be created under different accounts. You can switch from "per account" to "per site" if that suits you more.
    Thanked by 1juanch7x
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