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How to merge 2 projects together

This discussion was created from comments split from: Manage a lot of projects.


  • how do we merge 2 projects together ?
    or is it better to import verified urls from another projects ?

    because if we want to merge 2 projects,
    stop project
    right click on project>modify project>merge projects

    it says "you have to select at least 2 projects" - so how do you select at least 2 projects ?

    & which project determines the various variable, that you have selected, is it the project you are importing into ?

    i.e. % of generic link text % of brandable urls ? etc

  • SvenSven
    It's very easy actually. You select two or more projects in the view by either holding shift or the ctrl key.
    Then you right click ->modify project->merge.
    You then get asked which project is the main one where it would take settings and data from and then everything is merged into one project.
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