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Creation of failed links and problems with emails?

Hi everyone, I recently made a purchase for a premium list subscription, everything is automatically synced with dropbox. It's all OK.

Approximately 2 days have passed and I cannot create links, the maximum that I have just created from those lists are only 4 links.

My updated filters to use the premium lists are:
See attached image

Now, yesterday I had had problems with the emails, in the registration panel it said: email verification failed, and when I go to check, see the following image a window appears that said: failed emails

and finally I am seeing a lot of failed registrations in wordpres articles.

In theory I should be creating many links, thanks to the help of the premium lists but something is missing or something is wrong in my configuration, could you help me find that fault?

I would like to see the full potential of GSA at work.


  • SvenSven
    please switch from "pause for submissions" to "pause for verifications" on your first screenshot.
  • Lloyd7Lloyd7 United States
    When buying emails which ones work best for account creation and creating links?
  • I am testing seospartans and they are working correctly right now.

    But .. The first days of testing with the email service, GSA showed those messages that are above, I went to investigate with the support of seospartans and they told me that it is usually normal sometimes, but if too much happens you have the option to change the email address they can help you with that change.
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