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Sent to Captcha Service if success rate below x?

omg_wtf_broomg_wtf_bro Germany
edited December 2020 in Need Help
I use captcha breaker with a custom script.
I have 3 questions:
 1. How do i report to Captcha Breaker that the captcha it sent me was wrong, so now please use Captcha Service now.
 2. If success rate is for example smaller than 40% , Don't try to solve it, just sent it to captcha service instead.
 3. Why it never sends the captcha to DBC service, it only works for reCaptcha.

Although i have selected Run as Webserver without simulating captcha service, and the next tab, Captcha Services " Send captcha to the following service if solving failed ", it will never use my DBC service (besides reCaptcha).

Or the Unable to solve captchas, how can i sent them to captcha service?


  • SvenSven
    1. As long as a service replies with something, its assumed its correct and submission happens. You will only see afterwards on the returning message (e.g. "captcha was filled incorrectly") that something was not right.
    2. Just uncheck that type in the listing and it will be skipped
    3. I don't know how your setup looks in detail, but once the captcha solving fails, it will get sent to the service. You would see just in log that it failed but in is also sending it to the next service in list.
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