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Will 15 normal items be enough?

Hello, I have a question, I currently have a campaign with 15 articles with spintax each. As I have read in various forums and sites, having a minimum of 15 articles is sufficient and can give you up to 3000 variations.

But, they do not mention if it is with spintax or without spintax (normal)

In the campaigns, 15 articles without spintax  will be enough or is it necessary/ important to turn those 15 articles?


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    edited December 2020
    Hi, Juanch7x...I wanted to explain a little...
    About those he articles that have spintax...
    Not all spintax articles are equal.  How many words in the article? How many are words that have permutations? How many permutations each ?
    (e.g.) I {like|drink|consume}.
    Possible outcomes: I Like, I drink,  I consume.
    Three outcomes.
    I {like|drink|consume} {soda|milk}.
    I Like soda. I Like milk. I drink soda . I drink milk. I consume soda. I consume milk.

    Six outcomes.
    So, you need lots of words with spintax to make more unique articles.
    With  15 article without spintax, you can use them at 15 different article sites.
    You don't really want the same article in two different places.
    Spun articles with high uniqueness ratings count as a different article. You can spin an article outside of SER and only take those results  that are highly different and load them into SER,  or just let SER spin them for you as needed and take whatever newly spun articles come out, very unique or not.

    The total number of highly different articles has to do with the total number of different permutations available. More words that get spun are better, and more choices per spun word are as well. Of course, the words that are being spun should make sense for lower-numbered tiers.
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