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CB and the Xrumer

iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
edited March 2013 in Need Help
Anyone being able to run CB with the Xrumer? I tried using the webserver in CB and CaptchaBot without luck.
Basically nothing happens, not captchas are being send to CB from the Xrumer.


  • Got exactly same problem. In my case I cannot make Captcha breaker to work as CaptchaBot. When I hit TEST nothing shows up. Its just a empty site.

    Anybody got it to work. Im sure we are doing it wrong ;)
  • SvenSven
    I don't know why the normal way in XR is not working. But people toled me that they have modified some config file in XR and changed the IP to the one where CB is running. That made it work for them. Please let me know details so I can help others as well.
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    @Sven could you ask those guys what files they modified?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I have lost track of who they where.
  • You only have to select "Usage of Anti-Captcha Service" in Options -> Speed <---> Success Rate in XR and Run as Webserver and Simulate AntiGate in CB ... works great on my side!
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    @rkecom THANKS !!!!

  • You magnificent bastard. AdvancedGuestbook just went from 120 links to over 600 in XR.
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