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i have question, can you tell me

what would happen if my website had lots of backlink spam on lots of high spamscore blogs?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited December 2020
    Hi. I am in this position, literally. :dizzy:
    I've been told different things over the years:
    If you ALSO have quality backlinks pointing directly at your site, some SEO experts have told me it's not a big deal.

    BUT...other SEO experts I trust say it's not good having ANY spammy backlinks at Tier I.
    At the very least, I can say they aren't going to help you so much  to rank for those keyword anchors or other keywords in those articles or KWs in higher tiers pointing at those spam T1s.
    At the same time, it seems that total number of ALL anchors matters, and so you could potentially use less high quality blogs to post random anchors and thus keep your keyword anchor ratios good, not too high for  any single (important!) anchor you're actually trying to rank for.

    Google knows your competitors can throw crappy links at your site, and I've been told it's therefore not so easy to tank a site in this way. At the same time, I've had sites drop in the SERPs because a competitor (?) threw tons of anchors with a valued keyword, and going too high in percentage can harm. The fix: Bring the ratio back in balance. I think in doing so, you can use junky backlinks.
    What's true? What isn't? I'm no expert. Not pretending to be. It's sad, in some ways, that after all this time I'm still a beginner, really.
    Please, more experienced forum users let us know your ideas....!
  • Depends on the niche you are in. As long as all of your competitors doing the same google has no choice but to rank the best of the worst available. Once someone starts build quality backlinks google will push that to the top and let the rest fall.

    Some time ago Google said that it ignores bad quality links so in theory nothing would happen. Bad links don't get counted while good ones do get counted. In practice you'll see on your site if it flies or falls.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "google has no choice but to rank the best of the worst available" TheGypsy

    HAHA Never thought of it like that....good point...but then, as soon as ONE competitor ups their game...there's likely a chain reaction from others.

    " In practice you'll see on your site if it flies or falls."

    Yup, back to testing. Thanks for your input.

    totocok: Are you there, just wondering, or thinking of doing this? Just curious!

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