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Settings to import list

Hi, how are you?

I have a list of sites that I just scraped with scrapebox, and I want to add them to my campaign that is currently running in GSA. And I want GSA to go through those sites and be able to get some links.

Currently the GSA is configured to harvest on google.

My question is:

1. The configuration is correct to import list Or is it necessary to click on a section? View image:

2. If I import the URLs using this method, see the following image.
GSA will automatically start using the imported sites to see if it is possible to verify some or is it necessary to check any option?

3. If I use this method, see the following image:
Gsa will start visiting those sites or is it necessary to mark another option?


  • SvenSven
    You can either add your scrapebox urls to the project directly (preffered) as seen on the 2nd screenshot or you import them to the site lists as seen on the last screenshot.
    When you import them to the site lists, then they will get added to "identified list" and thats not checked on your project configuration.
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