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how to migrate to another vps ?

if you have gsa search engine ranker already on a vps, how do you migrate it to a new vps ?

it is about 60GB   in total

is there just one folder that has everything in it ?

i have gsa captcha breaker &
gsa content generator that need moving to same vps as well


  • SvenSven
    c:\users\<login>\appdata\roaming\gsa search engine ranker << thats the folder to backup and move.
  • sorry, ive got another question, how come the folder for gsa ser came to 10GB in total, but when i backed up all the projects, it came to 1GB , ONLY 10% ?
  • SvenSven
    might be the site lists that take so much space.
  • thats makes sense, thats probably it, lots of identified sites
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