LPM WAY Down Since 5.30 - Anyone Else Have A Fix for this?

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First, let me start by saying that the software & Sven are AWESOME!!! 

Okay, I don't know if it's just me but in 5.38 I'm experiencing really low LPM.  I get 3.04 & 3.68 LPM that's not normal for me.  I've been getting 175+ LPM in 5.30 which had freezes but still had a lot better LPM.

And before anyone asks, yes I have already optimized my submit list and all that.  I get 175 LPM if I switch back to 5.30 without changing anything else.  Same projects, same settings.

Also indexification says there is an error.  It says that my API is too short.  It works fine in 5.30.

Please advise,

Thanks guys.....


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    Dunno, never got anywhere that high LPM but 5.38 is slower and still freezes.  Does your 5.38 freeze also? (Not talking about the temporary few seconds or even 2 minutes; Freeze as in leave, come back 15 minutes later, still frozen, running only 125 threads)
  • Same here, I was getting 25 LPM ( I have restrictions and filters on that's why) after the recent updates I'm as low as 8/9 LPM and I didn't change a single setting in SER or projects. Also , CS is throwing some errors and it's slow. It was working perfect before the recent SER updates. Nothing changed in CS settings as well.
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    Common now you tell me I am influencing CS to crash?
  • another question: where is the option/field at general options -> submissions --> "monitor cpu and reduce number of threads if cpu is too high" is this check as default, cause my gsas dont freeze any more, but the threats-number arent as far as high as it should be and it was before the whole updates....????
  • @klaus007 that option is removed I think.
    I doubt if low LpM has something to do with the update, though I am having the same problem here. 
    Changed to Berman hosting a few days ago, new VPS is way much better than the one I used for the past month (got 40 lpm on that), first day on berman, I hit 120 lpm for 20 hours, then it keep dropping down to something between 20-40. Now trying everything to get that back.
  • @Dunce : not low LpM (this is momently between 20-40 like you on Berman) but low threat count! and i think, that has something to do with this option, cause ATM i never reaching full cpu or full threat count...

    the big count at the beginning has something to do with the global list and the new target links, where you can submit, after that it slows down, when you do not delete target url or make new projects or import account data (before a previous version)

    in my best times i was like LeeG and Hunar above 200 LpM the whole, but thats not the problem...cause momently i am submitting to much better engines (social in a higher range), and that takes more time than only pushing out bookmarks, comments etc...
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    >>> Common now you tell me I am influencing CS to crash?

    Did I say that ? Hell No! , I'm just telling you what happened to me so you can diagnose the problem then fix it. Nothing more , nothing less.

    I know you respect your customers and you will never do something really bad like that.

    By the way , can you also try to fix the problem when GSA SER try to open CS by itself. SER opens multiple copies of CS which is causing a lot of problems. This is a very old problem in SER. I guess it's time to iron this annoying bug.
  • OK now I have the same problem with @klaus007, could somebody help please
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