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Search Box in import files dialogue

edited November 2020 in Feature Requests
Earlier ser versions have a very much handy option for searching files within folders in import files dialogue box. I have attached the image.
@Sven Please add this to the latest version of ser interface as well. Its very helpful as current one donot supports this. Thanks


  • SvenSven
    Thats nothing I have an influence's Windows itself and your settings.
  • @Sven
    The interface might do something about it as ser version 14.72 even has this. Please check and see if something can be done. I am forced to use this old version in few of my vps just for this search box :(
  • SvenSven
    OK, maybe I found the problem, please report back on next update.
  • Sure @Sven
    Will be waiting for how it goes. Thanks
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