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alternating between projects & dont remove urls

alternating between projects
when i looked before im sure i saw a way to alternate between projects, i.e. turning projects
on & off for a set period, (so you have less projects running at once so it does not overburden the system)
but when i looked again i couldnt find it.

i thought it was under
main admin screen>options

but looked a few times & couldnt find it, does anyone know where this is ?

dont remove urls


where it says
"dont remove urls - check hint"
what does that mean exactly - does it mean it wont remove the urls when it reverifies them ?
i read the mouse-over text but was'nt sure what it meant.

& "remove after 1st verification try" is greyed out & cant be selected.


  • SvenSven
    What you mean is the scheduler. You can reach it by clicking on the down arrow from the start/stop button
    That "Don't remove" means that every submitted URL is staying in the project's database and will not be removed from it even though SER would have done so as it thinks it will never verify. You really should not use that option as it makes your project slower and slower and will waste a lot time on verification where the links will probably never reach the "verified" state.
  • thanks for that, i found the scheduler & it was what i saw before which could be very helpfull.

    but about the "Don't remove", its still removing urls that have links on them (after checking manualy) some have had the links removed or the entire page removed, but some definitely still have the links there.

  • ps
    what does "select by mask" mean in the "scheduler" ?

  • that scheduler makes things a lot smoother, i dont know how many people know about it, but it makes it able to run a lot more projects with less cpu & ram
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