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GSA PS to Scrape Google Recaptcha Passed proxies

Hi Everyone.

I am trying to scrape the Google Recaptcha passed proxies with the help of GSA PS.

I have tried everything in my knowledge but it did not work FOR ME.

Here are my settings.
Tried everything possible with Automatic Export, PLease suggest what is best

I got 3000 around proxies .. Exported FAST proxies and they did not worked.

Anybody have a workflow with this to get the best proxies for Recaptcha out of it?



  • SvenSven
    where did you use these proxies being exported?
    Thanked by 1Devender_Garg
  • Sven said:
    where did you use these proxies being exported?
    In CapMonster
  • SvenSven
    Can that app handle all kinds of proxies? Make sure to e.g. not export CONNECT proxies as Im sure they can't use them.
  • I will try again by removing CONNECT proxies from exports.

    I got a warning from Hetzner and looks like it was for PS .. I did not used a proxy .. my bad

    I am better to use the PS on my personal computer at home to avoid such issue,.

    WIll update the thread after I test.

    Thanks again
  • SvenSven
    You can use proxies for scraping/testing as well.
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