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list of engines


Since I am willing to give another try to SEREngines, I would like to know what I will pay for. A list of engines (at least in the member's area) would be nice. Or I will pay to be able to add my own engines? What happens if I am not satisfied with the results? Is there a trial for V3?

Thank you!


  • I don't think it's open for new members yet
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    It is open for new sign ups and the below is what u get

  • thanks you very good job
  • JamesJames
    edited November 2020
    @tennisfans Free 5 day trial, so if you are not happy then just cancel before that.

    If you do have issues, then please get in contact with me and we can do a remote session to fix any setting issues.
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  • I am on their trial and so far so good.
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  • JamesJames
    @Peterpotter Thanks for the feedback. 
  • AlanTAlanT uk
    edited November 2020
    I missed having this @James I'll trial it this week & give you some feedback, thanks for all the effort you have put into it
  • hello 
    little feedback for the moment I can not post created on wordpress James is well present so the support and very good I'm waiting for the resolution and give you a new opinion.
    very good work @James
  • JamesJames
    edited November 2020
    @AlanT Thanks. Give it a go, and let me know if you need any help.

    @draculax Thanks for the feedback. The resolution with Wordpress is finding emails which Wordpress haven't blocked :) which isn't an issue with SEREngines.
  • @James which emails are best for SEREngines or wordpress?
  • JamesJames
    @randyvug Catchalls work fine (I am using SEREmails, but some domains are banned by Wordpress, some aren't), they just need to be newer domains, and at any time those domains can get banned.. So its best to mix in some free email providers like mailru, gmail, hotmail etc.
  • The problem is that the creation becomes random because if we ask to create 25 blog WordPress ser will try and if it falls on banned mail it will move to another creation so there is a high percentage of loss.
    On 100 mail we will create 5/10 WordPress blog.
    It is expensive because it requires mail and catchall and proxies.
    All this to have random results.

  • JamesJames
    @draculax GSA SER will retry several times to register, it won't just move on to the next. It will eventually need to give up if too many failed attempts due to having a banned email. This is not a problem with GSA SER, SEREngines or any other SEO software.

    Emails/catchalls and proxies are just part of SEO with automated software.
  • skunkyskunky warrnambool
    Has there been more sites added and will more be added. Thanks
  • Checking out the new SERengines today. Excited and will drop a review soon  :)
  • it would be necessary to add all c is site in serengines James
    99-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>94-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>94- Fandom&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>93-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>92-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>91-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>91-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>91-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>89-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>89-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>89-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>88-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>87-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>83-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>83-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>80-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>79-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>79-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>77-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>77-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>77-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>75-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>75-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>74-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>74-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>73-<br>68-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>68-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>66-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>58-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>58-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>54-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>50-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>48-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>48-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>46-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>44-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>34-;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>23-;&nbsp;&nbsp; 
  • FrenchGuyFrenchGuy Paris
    edited March 2021 !  yes !
    150 millions users in the world
    @James if you add wix i buy your solution :)
  • 6Maxi6Maxi Los Angeles, California
    Good job. Great.
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