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Choice n-grams on keywords in resulting article (keywords settings) .

It is very useful in the project settings to be able to choose which type of controller to associate with each keyword (scrap or Resulting title or article). All the key words not having the same weight at the semantic level, I was wondering if you could add for the Resulting article controller the choice of the n-gram of these keywords to generate in our article, the semantic frame framework.



  • SvenSven
    Im afraid that this would not make much sense here. Though you see the ngram keywords when manually editing a article or creating one.
  • Hello @Sven ,

    In my project, I have different keywords and anchors
    Is it possible to put one keyword per article and not all the keywords mixed in the same article ?
    It's a question of word density and SEO
    Because in the end, I think that google does not necessarily understand on which keyword it must index the article.

  • SvenSven
    hmm you should not mix keywords that have no relation with each other. Thats why you should build different projects.
    However with latest update the articles should be more focused on the title/keyword.
    What algorithm do you use?
  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited January 13
    Hi @Sven ,
    Not easy to create a single project per keyword.
    For my Marketing automation activity, I have already created 10 projects.
    Each project has at least 50 different keywords.

    I use cloaking to redirect links/category to good internal pages of my website.

    I use as content generator : MX sentence from all articles.
    It seems to me that this method makes the best articles.

    The ideal, would be surely to have an option: One or xxx keywords per batch of articles.
    Because the problem who is important and to be taken into account, is to make google display the 2 good first lines which will be displayed by the Google referencing, which allows, like the title, to make the internet user click.

    Francois 337.8K
  • SvenSven
    latest update should improve things
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