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GSA Keyword Research Rank Tracker

You are unbelievably fast!

Thank you for the fixes and upgrades

I love the right click for metadata of the keyword!
I can't believe that the rank tracking can be implemented so fast!! thanks

Two things:
1. When clicking right clicking on keyword/s -> then selecting Collect metadata
"For selected keywords only" should be checked 

2. I know rank tracker is a whole world by itself, but this is the basic features for it from my perspective:

it has all of the basic features like a basic scheduler and daily graph so I can see the progress over the days
I can also generate a report for my clients using a tool like that.


  • SvenSven
    1. Thats checked only if you have more than one keyword checked, else it assumes it's just the highlighted one you where browsing/scrolling on. Im not sure if I should change this behavior.
    2. Scheduled scraping of this is probably something to add. However a graph is already included. It should open by itself once you click on an item that has such ranking data (or click the [^]-button at the bottom/left).

  • 1. If it is not checked, I assume it will do meta for all keywords, but this issue is really minor, so whatever you think is ok by me

    2. Thank you @Sven I should look more into your new tracking feature - so awesome!
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