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Modify the gsa data

can we modify the data such as the name first name address in order to put all that in adequacy with our country.otre message


  • SvenSven
    please explain your request a bit more.
  • hello
    parameters can be changed to be more relevant to the target countries.
    For example the surnames and first names.
    Addresses and cities .
    also the names for the creation of web 2.0 blogs.

    how to customize the different elements depending on the language chosen . if we want to make links to French or Spanish or Portuguese sites etc ....
    How and where to modify this .

    Yours sincerely 
  • SvenSven
    You have all the engines\*dat files that you can modify to your needs. However, it might be better to copy them to a new folder, edit them and specify that folder in project settings (data-folder).
  • ok thank you 
    please send screen for .dat j dont undestand for modified.
  • I mean where are the editable files and how to avoid making mistakes with you a tutorial that explains how?

  • Duplicate engine
    and modified .dat in spanish or other language. its ok 
    modified fil DAT its ok for you 
  • SvenSven
    1. make a new folder where you like called es-data
    2. copy all *.dat filed from the engine folder to that new one
    3. change as you like...the format is usually a plain text file you can edit in notepad
    4. now edit your project and go to options tab and choose that folder in the filed "Folder with data files to use"
  • I create a new es-data file
    and I copy only the .DAT files?

    files in the Engine? folder.
    Is that right?
  • SvenSven
    yes, keep in mind that there are not much *.dat files...most of them are *.ini
  • ok sven big thank you 
  • hello
    I can't save a new donation in the created file.
    its refuses to save the modification
    can you give me a hand 
  • notepad++ its ok 
  • SvenSven
    you need admin rights on that folder.
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