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Failing silently :-(

When attempting to get MetaData for a keyword - the program fails and doesn't say why.

I assume it is because I don't use proxies so google banned my ip, but the the Keyword Research tool should inform me that this is the problem.

And on the same issue - when I attempt to find metadata for many keywords at once and I don't use proxies, if keyword research tool identifies that my IP is banned, there is no use to continue and attempt to get metadata for the rest of the keywords...


  • SvenSven
    what meta data in detail?
  • I am attaching a screenshot so it will be much clearer

    I don't use proxies
    No result is returned as the response of this action

  • SvenSven
    next update will indicate that such values where not able to resolve with N/A seen in the columns. Sometimes there are simply no data available sorry.
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  • That will be better thanks.

    Though I can't believe there is no search volume for such a good keyword like: learn import export

    Maybe there are better ways for search volume ?
  • SvenSven
    maybe, let me know if there is any alternative.
  • Hey there,

    I fail to get the proper search volume datas on my keywords atm.

    I have tried getting datas on test project, for the "karate" and "karaté" keywords (both using France as country), but the results are... Messy.
    Most of the time I end up with N/A (using proxies or not), and on some occasions I managed to get datas. According to the software, the word "karaté" has a search volume of 50, for example (which is obviously impossible for such a keyword).
    Meanwhile the word "karate" has over 90k SV (which is a bit higher than what other tools such as Semrush propose)

    I guess I'm doing something wrong... But the manual didn't help me find the source of the problem. Could you enquire the SV is not bugged ?

    My process : I open a new project, set "french" as language", delete the defaut keyword used to name the project, click "Add" and manually enter both keywords, click on "Define search parameters" and make sure France is set as the country, click on "Tools", click on "Collect Meta Data for Keyword", and uncheck everything apart from "Resolve >Search volume<", then click on OK and wait.

    If you need more infos, please let me now  :(

    Thanks !
  • SvenSven
    thanks for the excellent report. I was able to fix the problem in latest update.
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  • Hey,

    It seems to work fine now, indeed !
    Out of curiousity, where are the datas taken from ? A custom calculation, an API from a third-party service ?
    I have different datas on some keywords, for example one tool gives me a search volume of 20 on a keyword, while I have no datas on GSA KR.

    Also, could it be possible to add a feature letting us export the datas to csv (seo score, sr, search volume, etc) ?

    Thanks !
  • SvenSven
    you can export the data already when clicking export on the toolbar.
  • MinidouMinidou France
    edited March 2021
    Yes but it's bugged and doesn't export anything but the keywords, without the datas associated, and only export to txt (not convenient) or clipboard (could be OK if the columns are correctly separated in the excel file, but I can't verify since it's bugged).

    P.S. : I noticed some keywords have no search volume datas in GSA KR, even though they do have a volume a monthly searches in other tools such as Google KW Planner, SemRush, etc...
    It mainly concerns "little" keywords with low search volumes.
    Maybe another bug ? Or maybe it comes from the service you use to extract the data, which have insufficient datas ? I report it nonetheless, just in case.
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