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Failing silently :-(

When attempting to get MetaData for a keyword - the program fails and doesn't say why.

I assume it is because I don't use proxies so google banned my ip, but the the Keyword Research tool should inform me that this is the problem.

And on the same issue - when I attempt to find metadata for many keywords at once and I don't use proxies, if keyword research tool identifies that my IP is banned, there is no use to continue and attempt to get metadata for the rest of the keywords...


  • SvenSven
    what meta data in detail?
  • I am attaching a screenshot so it will be much clearer

    I don't use proxies
    No result is returned as the response of this action

  • SvenSven
    next update will indicate that such values where not able to resolve with N/A seen in the columns. Sometimes there are simply no data available sorry.
  • That will be better thanks.

    Though I can't believe there is no search volume for such a good keyword like: learn import export

    Maybe there are better ways for search volume ?
  • SvenSven
    maybe, let me know if there is any alternative.
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