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Is this an option in GSA Website Contact?

Hello all, 

I really like the look of GSA website contact. Is looks like a very well designed and maintained product. Having wrote my own contact form submission software I know how tricky it can be.

Does anyone know if there is an option to load in a custom message for each website? The problem I have at the moment is my software creates quite customized messages for each website I'm contacting and I'd like to feed those messages into GSA Website Contact.

Is there something like an option to set a directory where GSA Website Contact will look for .txt files with the name of the domain the software is messaging and it will load the message from that txt file for example /messages/


  • SvenSven
    It's possible by macros if you would use something like...
    However, there is a problem that a macro inside a macros is not supported for now.. I can however add support for that on next update if thats required.

    I would however suggest the following instead:

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  • wow what a quick response, I'll take a look thanks :-)
  • Hello again, I've been playing around with the demo.

    Would this configuration produce the required behavior of sending a custom message I generate to specific domains?

    So would get a message specifically for and would get a custom message specifically for
  • SvenSven
    yes, that will work.
    You can test it when double clicking on the STATUS column for the URL. You should see a different message then.

    Also note that you can see what "custom message" is used with the mouse over hint on the URL.
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  • Ok thanks got it.

    I have one final question.

    When I double click the status column what is the expected behavior in the demo version? Will it always return "Failed (no contact-form found)"? The only reason I ask is because I can't see it attempting to download the websites HTML in fiddler or any other web debugging proxy.

    If it should be trying to download the HTML in the demo then perhaps I've set some config incorrectly. 
  • SvenSven
    The double click will not search for a subpage with the contact form on, but will take the exact imported URL to perform the contact-form search + filling.
    Before doing this step, you should try to perform the check for contact pages/forms by pressing the start button.
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  • edited November 2020
    Excellent that all appears to be working as expected now.

    I did notice a small bug which I overcame so its fine. I'm assuming its a bug, might not be.

    This CSV would import correctly

    "","This is a test",
    "","This is a"

    But this would not

    "This is a test","",
    "This is a",""

    The domain in the custommessage column seemed to cause an issue if it was the first column.

    Great product though, I'll be making my purchase soon :-)
  • SvenSven
    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply. I will fix the problem from your second example in next update.
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