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GSA SER 2020?

just trying to figure out if GSA SER can be safely used to rank sites still in 2020 and if so how?


  • SvenSven
    You can rank them, else we would not sell that product. But the term "safely" is of course related to the SEO strategy you choose and it's settings. Nothing is safe these days and a product is only as good as the user using it.
  • Lloyd7Lloyd7 United States
    so im guessing it would be better to use it for tier two and three building,,,and thanks for the reply

  • That depends on the niche and language you are working with. Also a lot of things depends on the list you are planning to use. You can set up a PBN and post there with SER too.
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  • GSA Search engine ranker is one of best investment i have done in my life. I am a sri lankan and now officially canada PR. So i started online store with sri lankan products to canada. I ask SEO agencies to do seo (both sri lanka and canada) but No way their prices ( i spent some ) 

    later years i found blackhatworld forum gsa tools. i build 50 - 60 verified links per day and totally automated with gsa ser.i spend extras on proxies my server and premium lists but its still less than what greedy seo agencies as for (btw i am not nagr with them but 99% them are scammers and they also use these tools lol )  Thank you @sven @s4nt0s and team for this wonderful product. 

    You and your team always stay safe. 

  • Yes it is. Safety comes with a bit of extra knowledge on how to tweak settings for a safe campaign. After all it's a powerful tool that can be used on anything. It's gives all the power to the user.
  • Haven't found any other better product than the search engine ranker. It's a must have tool for anyone who is planning to stay with SEO for a longer period. 
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