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how can i index backlinks or social post URL?

Hello guys!

anyone know about how can index my backlinks?

i m using GSA indexer, indexification  but my backlinks are not indexed?

which tools should i use to index my backlinks quickly ?

if anyone know about it so please guide me



  • KaineKaine
    Hello, it depends a lot on the content you used. Google seems to be much more developed to understand the text since the last update, not to mention that there has been a bug on their side concerning the indexing for some time.
  • i know that bro..

    i need any tool or services to force index URL

    whatever is blackhat or whithat tool
  • iamsrilankaniamsrilankan srilanka
    edited October 2020
    @Kaine service is really good and still working  i recommend him. 

    This is the latest Result i check today . Submit 10/17 

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  • indexing is a big problem as well as the links created.
    I conducted a test I went up to 200000 links in 2 months and to this day there are only 50000 links left and it goes down every day.
    So if the links disappear they can't be indexed.
    and if no indexing no ranking.
    Do you have solutions to make links that last and that are indexed ?
  • The indexing of the search console does not seem to work.
    I have sent urls over 15 days and never the urls were indexed.
    I don't understand why google doesn't index the urls anymore, it becomes problematic.
    Who has solutions to propose ?
  • KaineKaine
    The content must be of interest to Google so that it places you in its search results (instead of someone else's urls).
  • It's recommended to use human made content or slightly spunned content to get links indexed quickly. GSA SER indexer is the way to go.
  • igorsorokin86igorsorokin86 Ukraine
    edited February 2021
    link indexing is the biggest problem with link pyramids these days. From my own experience, 
    I noticed that no one service helps to add a link to the index, but only makes the Google 
    robot pay attention to the page in order to crawl it. And Google itself decides add to index it
     or not. According to my observations, all free sites for posting links began to be ignored by
     Google. Perhaps there are some site markers, or perhaps simply because of the huge spam 
    content. The only solution I have found for myself is increasing the trust of links. In order 
    to drive a page into the index, it needs 10-20 indexed links. 
    therefore, it is necessary to put links from pages that are already in the index. Of all the 
    link types, only blog comments are relevant. Previously, they were considered spam and not 
    interesting. But now they are the most valuable, because only they can drive pages into the 
    index, and then by this the pages drive the pages of the previous tier into the index. 
    In other words, indexing starts at the end of the entire pyramid and works like an avalanche.
     But the problem is that you need a lot of links on the last tier. And you can't do a lot 
    of blog comments. The dropout rate is too high. You have to wait a long time. I have one 
    idea, but I have not tested it yet, but I have seen similar schemes on other people's projects.
     When we build a pyramid, we must also create a project in parallel, in which there will be 
    about 20 profiles. In these profiles, we insert all links that need indexing. For example, 
    other profiles, article links, web 2.0. Then we pump the blog comments on these 
    20 profiles. 20x20 = 400 blog comments. This is not much, but in theory they should add these
     profiles to the index, and the profile should add the rest of the links to the index.
  • as practice has shown, the quality of texts does not affect indexing. 
    I do web 2.0 blogs with both manual copyright and machine copy. However, no web 2.0
     is indexed even in 2-3 months if it is not referenced by a sufficient number of indexed 
  • hello do you have any information on how to index? igorsorokin86
  • you build few tiers. Than create 10-20 web 2.0 with text. Then put the list of links of last Tier (only profiles and articles) into these 20 web 2.0 blogs. Than create an edditional Tier, where set only blog comment to these 20 web 2.0. Need about 10-20 dofollow blog comments on each web 2.0. Than these web 2.0 is indexing and indexing previous tier. And that tier are indexing previos tier etc. 
  • thanks you 
  • LisaAlixLisaAlix Australia
    edited June 2021


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