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GSA Website Contact lists, tutorials, resources and more!


Are you struggling with some or all of the contact form sending process?

Do you own GSA Website Contact but find it challenging to get enough contact forms to submit to?

Do you want to be able sell even more products with contact form marketing?


A contact form marketing membership helps solve all of these issues by giving you access to:

Optimal Settings and Configuration

Training materials and Mini Tutorials

400K+ contact lists - prefiltered contact forms - per month

Master Opt Out list

Abuse and Complainer list to help you avoid issues

Information on legal compliance

Resources to help you, including discounts codes, Required Tools, Helpful Tools, Hosting, etc..

Plus more


Currently we are in Phase 2 of development and we are adding mini tutorials and other helpful resources.  Phase 3 of development will include a private forum where members can share their experiences and what is working, as well as help other members. 


Find out more here:


Currently this service is in a growth stage and will ultimately be $147 per month, however we are currently offering Early Bird pricing to a handful of members.  If you sign up at the discounted pricing, you get to keep it for as long as you are a member.  Plus you get to give valuable feedback and help shape the future of the membership platform. 

The current price is only


$67 per month

and you keep that price for as long as you remain a member.

The Price will increase to $97 on Nov 25th 2020.  Then additional increases will follow as more content is added.


Sign up now to grow your business and lock in the price!


  • I am interested. Have few questions:

    1. Is it a 'step by step start to finish guide' or 'bits and pieces' training? As you have mentioned "Mini Tutorials" its not clear what would be the contents of the training.
    2. Do you show how to avoid getting the url blocked and all the other steps to go from 0 delivery to may be 100,000 messages per day?

  • looplineloopline
    edited November 2020
    Initially its going to be more bits a pieces as different people will want to apply different things.  Down the track, if there is interest, I could build a start to finish guide, but it kind of depends on what people want. 

    There is a decent bit of flow from start to finish, but depending on local laws you may want/need to build it somewhat different.  Also I have written a lot about it here in the website contact sales thread and elsewhere as well. 

    The basic concept is pretty straight forward, you need to send contact forms, so really covering the things that are a bit more obscure is the focus.  Like covering the things people always ask questions about. 

    Anyway thats where its at right now. 

    You will get the url blocked, its only a matter of time, unless your just super niche and super small list.  Thats why you use burner/redirect urls.  Your not going to get the money url blocked, although "blocked" is subjective because there is not a central database of stuff like that. 

    Curious, what is it you mean by "blocked?

  • edited November 2020
    This sounds great.

    400k plus new contact form urls per month is useful.

    GSA Website contact is my favourite software along with scrapebox.
    Found the loft conversion expert using it that saved £15,000.
    Also used it for outreach for some services - following guidance from looplines posts - and had to shut it down after two days as over whelmed with interes which was nice.
    Strongly considering to subscribe just to say thank you!

  • looplineloopline
    @Appledew Thats awesome!  Ive had clients shut down things, when I used to do it as a service, because they got over whelmed with responses.  :) 

  • Almost thought I lost the discount. It still applies and checking it out today.
  • looplineloopline
    @WowanGillespie Your good.  I decided to leave the discount for the black friday/cyber monday weekend and then up it.

    I just today spent an hour and a half recording the first tutorial video - of how to do opt outs.  Still needs another hand and half or more of editing, but its recorded.  So once I get the video up along with my master opt out list, we will have moved into phase 2 and the price will go up. 

    Glad you snuck in before the deadline!  :) 

  • looplineloopline
    If its a help, I just did an extensive video on how I handle opt outs.

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