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Is it possible to script regular GSA SER maintenance to run e.g. weekly?

majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
Hello Sven,
I would like to ask, if it is somehow possible to create (and schedule its running) the script, that will take care about the GSA SER maintenance? I would expect something like this:
1)Stop all running projects
2)Wait until they will be really stopped
3)After the moment, when all projects got stopped, all unused accounts will be removed, as well as all submitted and verified URLs not to keep them in RAM
4)Check the count of proxies, when it got aborted, all unchecked and not functional proxies got deleted and from selected sources will be added proxies and tested afterwards.

When the script got to point 4 (prior it), projects will again be started (proxies scanning and adding goes on the background in the meanwhile).

If something like that is possible to make only by usage of GUI with mouse clicking or opening of the menus, that might not be such bad, if you would be able to advise my some mouse recording app to perform these steps. I see that not everyone use the same resolution of the display.

And I would finaly schedule in my OS run of such script e.g. each day at 7am, so I would be able to verify, whether everything went fine, so I do not waste the system resources running the server without running GSA SER and related applications well.

Thanks a lot for your answer and hint. 
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  • SvenSven
    That might be something to consider on the scheduler. I could e.g. use that one and add more options to it to cleanup projects before starting/finishing or something.
    Let me know if thats something you would want to use and I will add support in there.
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