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Some possible optimisations

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Hi @Sven
1) Would it be possible to check urls without using proxy or as an option? (if it is not already done).
2) Another thing, there is still some slowness in the software. By examining the use of resources (cpu/ram/io/network) I have the impression that this slowdown occurs when the number of urls increases in a project. Maybe it's something like controlling urls in the blacklist for example. I think it might be possible to write/read this list directly in ram and write it to hard drive every x period, period to be defined. This option could greatly speed up overall performance and even reduce GUI micro freeze.
3) Possibility of completely eliminating the latency of 1s minimum per proxy between requests to search engines, 0 for unactived.


  • SvenSven
    1) you can do that already. You specify where to use proxies (scraping, checking, sending)
    2) Hard to say where you see such freezes but if you have a project for me to debug, Im more than happy to have a look
    3) whats wrong with the 1s? I don't think its healthy with 1sec though. You should keep it to 30 at a minimum. Remember that this time is set per proxy. The more proxies you have, the faster this is.
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  • KaineKaine
    Thank you for your quick reply @Sven
    1) I found the option thanks. Just to be sure, are the options common for all projects? if i modify the options of one project, the others are modified as well? I ask because once a project has been launched, for example, we can no longer access its proxy tests.
    2) The minimization of freezing/slowdowns (after a few hours of use) would have been a side effect, the aim was mainly to increase the general performance, I remain convinced that it could go 2x faster.
  • SvenSven
    1) the proxys you add are global for all projects, but the setting where to use proxies is per project.

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