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Getting the Best working proxies from GSA Proxy scraper

What is the best setting to get proxies that will work 99.9% of the time, amazing tool but a tool is only as good as one can learn to utilize it.
What is best setting to test and/or scrape proxies to get 99.9 working proxies?


  • SvenSven
    You will never get a clear answer to this Im afraid. A public proxy can always be exposed to others and then it may get unstable with more and more ppl using it.
    However, the best way to get such proxies is to keep them in the list for a long time and not instantly delete them once they fail.
    Usually they come back once noone using it any more. Then you keep monitoring it for a longer time and it might be stable again.
    Keep the tool running and rely on old proxies being in the list a long time. Thats the best you can do.
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